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The advantages of glass water bongs
Smoking with a bong is one of the simplest ways to smoke your herbs or tobacco. When employing a glass bong, the water filters the smoke and eliminates the herbs' harshness. Glass Large bongs 14 Inches will bring you smoothness and convenience; who doesn't want that? Also, cleaning a glass bong is straightforward. you'll wash them easily with water, but you'll also use isopropanol to wash them. At Sona Craft, we provide various bong cleanings accessories like scrubbing tools and sponges. If you retain your glass bong clean, you'll enjoy it for a lifetime!

Glass Percolator 14 Inches are surprisingly durable, and they don't get burn marks. You can use the same Glass bong for years without experiencing any inconvenience. 

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How does a glass bong work?
Smoking with a glass bong is simple. Glass bongs contain a couple of elements; a bowl, a carb, a downstream, a base, and a tube. the primary step in using your bong is to fill the bong with water. then, you've got to put your herb or tobacco into the bowl. confirm your herb or tobacco is ground well for the simplest combustion flow. Next thereto, it's essential to put a screen within the bowl before you fill it, to stop small pieces of the herb or tobacco from falling through. Now it is time to illuminate the bowl and begin inhaling the smoke. The smoke will make its way through the bong and can be filtered by the water.

How much water do you put in a glass bong?
There is no rule about what proportion of water to place in your bong. In most cases, the bong should be filled about half an in. above rock bottom a part of the downstream, in order that it's submerged in water. With this amount of water, the water will act as a filter and cooler to the smoke. This process will end in a smooth hit which will feel easy on your throat and lungs. There also are glass bongs that are equipped with percolators that will filter the water. These percolators should not be crammed with water because that stops them from bubbling.

What is a glass-on-glass bong?
A glass-on-glass bong is a very popular bong. The main characteristic of this bong is the pull-out slider. Most of the time, this bong doesn't have a carb hole. When you use it, the slide pulls out when you inhale, and then it slides back into the bong. At Sonacraft, we offer a lot of glass-on-glass bongs. One example is the Sonacraft Glass Beaker Ice Bong.

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